Different Roles Within the Engineering Industry Part 3

Chemical Engineer
Chemical Engineers work to combine both Chemistry and Engineering in an intelligent way in order to closely study the production of chemicals.

Environmental Engineer
This is quite a varied role and requires experiences in several different fields including Biology, Engineering, Chemistry and a knowledge of the environment. An Environmental Engineer spends their time monitoring air and water pollution in order to be able to design recycling plans to conduct research on hazardous waste control.

Industrial Engineer
The main role of an industrial engineer is to ensure that companies and organisations produce their products in a safe, fast and reliable way.

Marine Engineers
This is a very demanding but interesting role which can result in a very rewarding and varied career in the Engineering industry. The main responsibility of a marine engineer is to make, build, create and design waterborne vehicles such as aircraft carries, submarines, tankers and ships.

Cost Engineers
The main goal of a Cost Engineer is to use their knowledge to predict and deliver projects costs. A Cost Engineer has the ability to accurately estimate a budget for a project and ensure that projects are kept within the agreed budget.

Some of the tasks that a Cost Engineer might be involved in include predicting how much resources, allocated time and money a project will need to function effectively. Candidates wishing to advance into this role must arm themselves with an in depth knowledge of the Engineering Industry. They must also have the ability to make the appropriate links between science and business delivery.

Project Managers
This is a standard role that is essential to the Engineering Industry and a successful project manager can play a significant part in the success and completion of an Engineering project.

Project managers have the ability and authority to plan, control and organise the smooth running of industrial processes. Therefore they must have proven planning and organisational skills.

Some of the main responsibilities of a Production Manager in the

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